The pressure you’re feeling is a common experience for people in our world today.

Constantly thinking you have to do more, make more, have more. Thinking you have to accomplish more, perform better – BE better.

The pressure you’re feeling is a by-product of the definition of abundance that dominates our world.

A definition that makes abundance (and success) a function of quantity.

Where it’s the result of having more, lots and plenty. Where it comes from making more, achieving more and doing more.

Where you think that YOU have to be
more than you are.

Thinking this way makes abundance a destination to reach or a goal to achieve. But once you define abundance as a destination for you to reach – you’ve made it something SEPARATE from you.

Which means it will ALWAYS be separate from you.

And that means you will continue to feel pressure to do ALL those things to get “there” – one day.

It will also reinforce your belief that you are NOT “there”.

And that’s the lie, my friend!

You don’t need to do, make or have more to experience abundance.

Rather, what you need is a new definition of abundance! 

A definition that makes abundance something available to you right now. No longer dependent on quantity – no longer a goal to achieve.

Embracing this new definition is your first step for releasing pressure. It’s what will empower you to experience the freedom, well-being, ease and peace of mind you’ve been longing for.