You are not alone if receiving is difficult for you, my friend.

It’s something many people struggle with.

And it’s a pattern that can cause you to experience so much unnecessary scarcity.

For example, you might be making less money than you want or need.

On the other hand, you might have a great income and nice lifestyle – but feel guilty because of it.

You might become a workaholic. Working HARD is what makes you feel like you “deserve” a nice income.

At the root of this pattern is the definition of abundance that dominates our world. Where abundance is a goal we achieve through individual effort.

Think about it. We live in a world that celebrates the “self-made” woman and man. We revel in the “rags to riches” stories where hard work and perseverance leads to success.

A world where we might think something’s wrong if “it’s too easy”.

But true abundance is not the result of hard work or effort on your part, my friend.

It’s not something you earn or deserve. And it’s your inability (or unwillingness) to receive that blocks you from experiencing it.

That’s why a new definition of abundance is so vital for your well-being. A definition that gives you permission to freely receive all that’s available to you.