In our world today, abundance is a function of quantity.

We are conditioned to believe that having MORE things is the answer. That having more money, possessions and achievements makes US more successful, happy, powerful and abundant.

NOTE: This is often happening subconsciously.

The problem with this idea of abundance is…

You will spend much of your life – and your time, energy and money – in pursuit of having MORE and MORE of these things.

At a subconscious level, you’ll believe that having MORE automatically makes you MORE. (I realize you might not like to admit that.)

But this definition automatically makes abundance something SEPARATE from you.  It makes it something to OBTAIN instead of experience and enjoy.

The result?

You wind up with all sorts of STUFF – more than you can possibly use or truly enjoy. This stuff will fill your closets, cupboards, basement and garage. You might even need to rent a storage unit to hold all of it! 

All of it is stuff you’ve spent your time, energy and money to obtain. Only now that you have it, you might discover that you have LESS time, energy or money to maintain AND enjoy it.

As countercultural as it sounds…

Abundance is NOT a function of quantity. It’s not a function of externals.

But as long as you think it is, your pattern of accumulation will continue. And it won’t fulfill you. Rather, it will likely overwhelm you. And perhaps even have you feel guilty.

The thing you need, my friend, is a new definition of abundance! 

One that allows you to experience the well-being, freedom, fulfillment and joy you long for. (And that you thought all that stuff would give you.)

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