We cannot experience the abundance that is available to us if we’re not connected to the Source of Abundance…

Watch these two videos to strengthen your connection to Source and begin unblocking the flow of money and other life-giving resources in your life… 

Video #1 reinforces the need to be connected to Source
and explores one of the primary reasons you might be disconnected. 

Video #2 offers you three simple starter practices for connecting to Source and/or strengthening the connection you already have. 

Now that you’ve watched the video, here are the resources I described in Video #2.

Resource #1: Download, print & hang the new definition of abundance.  Say it one or more times a day as an affirmation and reminder.

Resource #2: Download the recording of this 10-minute guided meditation supporting you to connect with and open yourself to the Source of All Life & Abundance.  (I encourage you to practice it one or more times a day.)

Resource #3: Use your own journal or download this Gratitude for Gift sheet to help you become more conscious of the truth that YOU are not the Source.  You are a conduit of the life-giving resources Source provides.

Additional Action Steps to Support You to Unblock the Money Flow in other ways…

Action Step #1:  If you’ve not yet done so, reserve your spot now  for the 60-minute Unblock the Money Flow for Abundance webinar.  It’s FREE!

Action Step #2:  If you ready to dive in and learn how I can support you to REALLY unblock the flow of money and abundance in your life, schedule a Discovery Session with me.  Together, let’s empower you to become the conduit of abundance you are meant to be.