Teresa Romain, Redefining Abundance

Engaging.  Transformational.  Memorable.  Fun.  Liberating.

Teresa Romain is a dynamic, energetic and “out of the box” transformational speaker and trainer who WAKES UP her audience – literally and figuratively.

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Bestselling Author & International Speaker

About Teresa…

Teresa Romain has been an Abundance Coach and Advocate for more than 27 years. She’s on a mission to revolutionize the scarcity-based relationship with money that dominates our world. One that is the cause of so many of the problems we face today – individually and collectively.

Her passion is to educate and inspire people to challenge the model we’ve inherited for how we “do” money.

It’s to gather together a community of individuals and organizations who, together, will help create a better world. A world where ALL people have the resources they need to live rich and meaningful lives. So they AND this planet can thrive.

“I highly recommend Teresa as a speaker for anyone seeking an engaging, dynamic presence on stage. Teresa has a remarkable talent for breaking down complex concepts into manageable, easy-to-understand segments. More than just motivating, she is deeply inspirational, offering real, actionable strategies that empower her audience to take immediate action. Her approach to abundance is both unique and inspiring. Her ability to connect with her audience and transform theoretical ideas into tangible results is truly exceptional.”

Melissa Snow

Founder, The Powerful Women Rising Community

What to expect when Teresa is your speaker…

Teresa’s approach to money, scarcity and abundance is as unique as her presentations.

One of her greatest gifts is her ability to look at things differently. The result?

Her audience experiences her trademark “head tilts” and “AHA!” moments.

She is engaging, authentic and compassionate – recognizing that her own lifelong struggle with scarcity is a gift. Her openness and vulnerability in sharing her story enables her to connect with and inspire her audience at the deepest levels.

Teresa’s presentations are truly unforgettable and “one of a kind.”

She has a genius for simplifying difficult concepts so that everyone can relate to them. Using intuition and creativity, her presentations are experiential, memorable and FUN.

The concepts she shares and the way she shares them “stick” with people long after she has left the stage. Best of all, they are easily implemented and acted upon.

Alll of which creates lasting transformation in the lives of her audience.

Teresa Romain is a thoughtful, intelligent, and impactful speaker. Teresa was chosen to speak at our Annual Conference and she captivated our members. She has a wonderful way of conveying her authenticity through relatable experience and light-hearted humor. Teresa truly lets the audience know they are seen, while simultaneously giving them insight and tools to help them move forward. I highly recommend Teresa as a speaker for your next event.

Shannon Crotty

Founder/CEO, Polka Dot Powerhouse

If you want your audience to be fully invested and engaged, Teresa Romain is the speaker for you. I had the privilege of hearing her speak to a group of 200+ women and she brought her whole self – her passion, her message, her key points. Best of all, she brought the fun AND the memorable moments. I’m confident you’ll be delighted when you have Teresa as your speaker – and so will your audience!

Sarah Stokes

The Juicy Good Life Business Coaching

Committed to co-creating an empowering event…

Teresa customizes each of her presentations – tailoring it to fit the audience, event and the experience you want to create.

Whenever possible, she also makes herself available for most (if not all) of your event.

In this way, she is able to get a feel for the group before her presentation – and can adjust it as needed. She is also able to support and interact with attendees – individually and informally – before and after her presentation.

The result? Her presentation and your event becomes even more valuable and memorable for all who attend.

Teresa’s ability to captivate and galvanize is remarkable. Through her engaging delivery and insightful (yet fun) content, she seamlessly guided us through the intricacies of abundance mindset and its application in both personal and professional realms.

What truly sets Teresa apart is her genuine passion for empowering individuals to unlock their full potential around money and their lives! Her authenticity shines through every word, creating an environment of trust and openness among participants.

In addition to her exceptional speaking skills, Teresa’s professionalism and reliability were evident throughout our collaboration. From the initial planning stages to post-event follow-up, she demonstrated unwavering dedication and support, making the entire process seamless and enjoyable, and truly caring for our team at Daisy Blue. I wholeheartedly recommend Teresa Romain to any organization seeking to inspire, motivate, and empower their team members. You will all have many ‘AHA’ moments!

Jena Thompson

Chemist & CEO, Daisy Blue Naturals

I have been in a room where Teresa was the speaker multiple times and in multiple settings. Yet EVERY time, the experience has been impactful and enlightening. Teresa is brilliant at combining the concepts she shares with the practical application that creates transformation. More than that, having Teresa’s light in the room will elevate the energy of any event – large or small.

Becky Plautz

Empowerment Speaker, Photographer, Your Connection Strategist – Work On Purpose, With Purpose

Want to have Teresa speak at your event?

Teresa loves to speak to groups of all sizes – large or small.

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