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The way we’re doing money isn’t working – individually OR collectively.

No matter what we do, it often seems like all of our efforts for abundance only create more scarcity.

This scarcity shows up in different ways for different people. 

Any chance you resonate with any of these examples from past clients?

  • No matter what I do or how hard I work, it’s never enough.  I can never REALLY relax.  Even when I’m not working, I’m still thinking about and worrying about my business – AND money.”  ~Diane
  • “I feel afraid and guilty spending money – even if I have it.  Especially on things I don’t really need.  Especially for myself.  I’m afraid I won’t have enough money in the future – when I’ll really need it.” ~Sherri
  • “We have a great income.  Yet we’re still living paycheck to paycheck.  We hardly have any money in savings. What’s our problem?” ~Kelly
  • “I’m always in debt. When and if I actually pay some of it off, I’m back in debt a few months later. I feel frustrated and ashamed.”  ~Judy
    • “I make a LOT of money but it’s from a job that drains my joy and energy. My stress at work is starting to take a toll on my health.  I want to quit – to follow a dream I’ve had for years – but I’m afraid I won’t have enough money.”  ~Miranda
    • “I make a lot of money and am in great shape financially.  But I feel guilty because I have so much more than others do.” ~Liz

      The way we do money isn’t working collectively, either.

      Homelessness and food insecurity is on the rise. More and more people are working multiple jobs yet are unable to provide for their families.

      Our planet is being destroyed and its resources are being consumed at an unsustainable rate – in large part because of how we “do” money.

      So the fact that you might be feeling scarcity when it comes to money…

      That you might not be experiencing the abundance and well-being you long for…

      That you regularly feel frustrated, afraid, pressured and/or guilty when it comes to money…

      If your heart breaks seeing the scarcity so many people are facing… 

      It’s NOT surprising.  You are not alone. 

      And it’s not your fault.

      We’ve all done the best we could in a world – and economic system – built on an invisible Archetype of Scarcity. 

      In this LIVE workshop, we’ll be exposing scarcity for the lie that it is.   Because until you see it, you’ll continue to be trapped by it.

      Until you see it, you’ll continue to experience and perpetuate scarcity in your own life and, unintentionally, in our world.  You’ll continue to pursue an elusive point of “enough” money and “abundance”. 

      And when all of your efforts don’t work, you’ll feel even more frustrated – and/or scared, stupid, angry, guilty, inadequate and the like. 


      How do I know this, my friend?

      Because I’ve LIVED it. 

      It took me years (actually, decades) to discover that the model we’ve all inherited for how we “do” money doesn’t work! It doesn’t create the experience of abundance and well-being we ALL
      long for – nor does it result in freedom, joy, peace of mind and fulfillment.

      To experience those things, a vital shift in how you think about abundance and money is required.

      Discovering what this model is and experiencing the difference it will make in your life is just a part of what this workshop offers you. 

      Thank you so much for this fantastic workshop.  I got so much from it – beginning with the new way you offered me to think about “wealth creation”.  But my biggest takeaway was when I REALLY got that it’s really not about money.  At least NOT in the way I had thought.  That was a game-changer for me. 

      Actually, a life-changer! 

      ~ Aaron Sullivan ~
      Scottsdale, Arizona

      During this workshop, you will…

      • Learn the simple, four-part pattern for this new model and identify EXACTLY where the flow of money and abundance is getting blocked in your life.  (Hint: It’s probably not what you think it is!)
      • Discover and begin to release the subconscious beliefs you have about abundance, money and yourself that are the root cause of what’s blocking the flow and perpetuating scarcity in your life.
      • Learn to recognize the invisible Archetype of Scarcity that’s been running your life and your relationship with money.  Seeing it is the first step in freeing yourself from it.
      • Discover and begin to release the subconscious beliefs you have about abundance, money and yourself that continue to block the flow of money and perpetuate scarcity in your life.
      • Experience how and why embracing a Sacred Archetype of Abundance is the out-of-The-Box™ breakthrough you’ve been missing. It’s the thing that has stood between you and the freedom, peace of mind, and fulfillment you’ve been trying so hard to achieve.

      • Apply the Sacred Archetype of Abundance to your relationship with money. It’s a model that empowers you to experience abundance today – no matter your current financial situation.  
      • Experience the power of this new model in REAL TIME so that you are ready to continue practicing it your daily life after the workshop ends.

      What makes this workshop so powerful is both the information you will learn AND the transformation you will experience. 

      You see, this is NOT a workshop where you will come to simply HEAR principles and concepts. This workshop is an experiential, “roll up your sleeves”, put-it-into-practice-NOW kind of event.

      Best of all, I’m confident that you’ll actually have FUN in the process!

      There’s a certain kind of magic that happens when you’re in the room with Teresa. She has a gift for being present to what shows up and working with it for the benefit of all the attendees. I’ve attended many workshops and small group intensives and I still marvel at the magic she creates for everyone. Her workshops really get to the heart of what it means to access abundance and fully live the unique lives we’ve been created to live.

      ~ Lisa Robbin Young ~
      Bloomington, Indiana

      My friend…

      • If you’ve tried all of the usual approaches for having the abundance you long for and they haven’t worked…

      • If you’ve reached the point where you’re tired of having money (or the lack of it) run your life…

      • If you’re exhausting yourself trying to fix, solve, avoid, or hide your scarcity – pretending that “everything is great” when it’s really not….

      • If you want to be able to enjoy your money and your life without fear or guilt…

      • If you long to make a difference in your own life AND in the lives of others…

      • If something inside of you is inviting you to try something new…

      • Something that’s a game-changer – that’s out-of-the-box…
      • That’s liberating…

        Reserve your seat for this transformational & experiential workshop today!

        Working with Teresa has given me access to power and control over money issues that I have struggled with for more than 30 years!

        ~ Robin Ann Reid ~
        Spring Green, Wisconsin

        In a powerful yet loving way, Teresa supported me to face my money fears, challenge my scarcity
        beliefs, reconnect with my soul and open my mind to new possibilities. She re-ignited my faith and the belief that I deserve the best life! Working with her literally changed my life!

        ~ Susie Moon ~
        Baraboo, Wisconsin