A recent experience at my workshop had me recognize, once again, how easy it is to use gratitude in a way that actually perpetuates scarcity instead of abundance. So this past Monday I shared a video on social media speaking to this danger AND sharing a new perspective on what makes gratitude such an important practice. If you ever feel unworthy of gift, have a difficult time receiving and/or feel like you “settle” and “play small”, then watching this video is a must!

(And you’ll be grateful once you do! LOL!)

In this week’s video, you’ll find insights on:

  • How gratitude can either keep us in a mindset of scarcity or elevate us to experience true abundance.
  • The profound understanding that all we have is a gift, affirming our worth and importance.
  • The transformative ways to embrace gratitude, allowing it to shape our lives.

I hope you find this message to be a GIFT that supports you, my friend!

Most of all, that it supports you to know yourself as GIFT!

Know that I’m grateful for the gift you are in my life!