Thank you, my friend!

Thank you for your support and interest in joining me for one of the first Vision, Information & Collaboration Calls. Offering these calls – and inviting you to join me – is my next step in responding to and embracing the mission God is calling me to.

A mission of liberating people – and our planet – from the scarcity-based relationship with money and abundance we’ve all inherited. A mission dedicated to transforming the model we have for how we “do” money. For offering a new model for money and abundance that supports all people (including YOU) to have the resources you need to live a rich and rewarding life. So that you, all people AND this planet can prosper.

These Vision, Information & Collaboration Calls are the first tangible step I’m taking to gather a community around this vision and mission. It is the first step in me beginning to host the conversations and offer the resources that can help us end the worldwide game of “musical chairs” human beings have played for centuries. Where, together, we can create and play a new game – the game I call “A Chair for Everyone”.

Please complete the form below to indicate which of these Zoom calls you will be attending – or if you can’t attend LIVE but want to watch a recording.