Did your school have Science Fairs when you were a kid?

My first was in 3rd grade.  I did a project on the weather.

I studied cloud formations, thunderstorms, rain, lightning and tornadoes.  I drew pictures and made posters.  I learned how to read my Uncle Walt’s barometric pressure gauge.  I even created a hands-on display that showed how rain formed.

Best of all, I won a BLUE RIBBON!

Needless to say, when it was time to plan my 4th-grade project, I wanted to win again.  While researching ideas at the library, I found instructions for making a telephone at home.

“This is it!” I thought.  “My project is going to be on the telephone.”

I learned about Alexander Graham Bell and the history of phones.  Again, I drew pictures and created posters.   Then, a week before the Fair, I began to build my own telephone using tin cans and cable.   Following the instructions carefully, I did everything but cut the cable.  My dad helped with that.

Finally, I was ready to test it.  I gave my mom her telephone (i.e., tin cans) and told her to stand in the kitchen. Then I walked with mine into the living room and sat in my dad’s goldenrod recliner to make my first call.

Repeating the first words Graham Bell spoke into his telephone, I said, “Mom, come here.  I want to see you.”

Only mom didn’t come.

She couldn’t hear me. My telephone didn’t work!  The Science Fair was in three days and my project was a FAILURE.

Horrified and ashamed, I quickly changed my project.  I copied the same one my sister, Barb, had done years before. I borrowed my Uncle Walt’s water testing kit and tested various water samples. Then I copied Barb’s old signs and materials.  I hoped it was good enough to win a ribbon.

At the Science Fair, I stood in front of my “What’s In Your Water?” display as the judges evaluated it. One judge, Mrs. O’Brien, commented, “I thought your project was going to be about telephones, Teresa.”

“It was,” I replied.  “But the telephone I made didn’t work.”

“Do you know why?” she asked.

I shook my head.  Truthfully, it never occurred to me to figure it out.

Mrs. O’Brien responded, “Too bad.  If you had been able to explain WHY your phone didn’t work, that could have won you a blue ribbon.”

I was shocked.  “How could I get a blue ribbon for FAILING?”

It was a strange concept. Today, I have a better understanding of what Mrs. O’Brien was getting at.

For much of my life, I’ve tried to hide or deny my mistakes and failures. To only do things that made me look successful – especially when it came to money.

Like my telephone in 4th grade, my relationship with money was one BIG science project that didn’t work. Only this time I have finally figured out why.   

I have discovered the invisible Archetype of Scarcity at work in our world.  It’s like the operating system on our computers – everything runs on top of it.  For decades, this Archetype ran my life and my finances. And it’s why all of my efforts to produce ABUNDANCE only created more scarcity.

Like it or not, my friend, this Archetype of Scarcity is probably been running your life as well.   After all, it has dominated our world for centuries.

It’s why no amount of making more, having more or doing more gives us the freedom, happiness and security we expect.   Nor does settling for less.

I’m here today to challenge it. To tell you it doesn’t have to be like this.  There IS another (and better) way.

I’m inviting you to choose a sacred Archetype of Abundance as the new “operating system” for your life.  AND relationship with money.

The new definition of abundance I’ve already shared with you is the first step. “Installing” this new operating system comes next.

And that requires a shift in how we think about money, life, and ourselves – individually AND collectively.   It also requires a shift in our understanding and experience of the God and Creator of this Universe.

This is the shift I’m inviting you to make, my friend.  It’s the shift I’ll introduce you to more deeply in my FREE Exposing Scarcity! webinar.

So, my friend, if you think money – or lack thereof – is what is stopping you from fully living the life you long to live…

I invite you to join me.

Because here’s the deal.  You weren’t created to live in scarcity.  You were created on purpose, with purpose.  And the One who created you wants you to have all you need to FULLY be who you were created to be.  Including money. 

That’s my dream for you, my friend.   If it’s your dream as well, reserve your spot today.