a person leaning out of a car window looking at a map“Are we there yet?”

It’s a common (and frequent) question children ask during a trip – especially when they’re going to some exciting destination.

But it’s not just kids who ask this question – adults do as well. Four days into this New Year and I’m hearing subtle versions of it from clients and on social media. It’s a question I’ve asked a LOT throughout my life – and one I caught myself asking again the other day.

Maybe you’ll recognize it. It sounds a little different for adults but it’s basically the same question.

“When will I get there?”

or sometimes

“Will I EVER get there?”

You fill in the blank in terms of “there”, my friend. It could be…

“Will I ever get out of debt?”
“When will I have the income I want?”
“When will I reach my ideal weight?”
“Will I ever find Mr. or Mrs. Right?”
“When will I get that promotion?”
“Will my house ever look the way I want?”

I could go on and on – you get the idea. So here’s what I want you to know – and what I’m reminding myself today.

It’s not about getting “there”. It’s not about getting anywhere.

“When will I get there?” is a question that keeps us focused on the future. It keeps us focused on what we don’t have or the fact that we’re NOT someplace we think we “should” or want to be.

What happens then is that our attempts to get “there” often get in the way of experiencing, enjoying and accessing what’s HERE – right now, in this moment, on this day.

You see, my friend, abundance is not a destination.

Thinking abundance is a destination to reach, a place to get to, a goal to achieve will always make it something separate from you. It will keep you in a pattern of striving for it – even chasing it – but never experiencing it.

God knows that’s been true for me. Any chance you can relate?

The problem with that thinking is this…

If abundance is THERE – what does that automatically imply about where (and who) you are HERE and NOW?

Having said all of that, it’s okay (even healthy) to set goals – to have “destinations” we want to get to. But getting there or achieving the desired results is not abundance. Nor does it make YOU abundant.

My friend, abundance is who you are at your core. It’s an internal experience that that comes from knowing that you are part of Something Bigger than you – Something Bigger than your individual perceptions, efforts and life.

Knowing this…

Trusting this…

Being present and open to participating in this Something Bigger…

THIS is what allows you to experience TRUE abundance, my friend…. not to mention greater well-being, joy, peace, ease and fulfillment.

How do you begin?

I suggest taking a long, slow, deep and conscious breath – RIGHT NOW!

Then, instead of putting your head down trying to get somewhere else…

Look around and see what’s in front of you HERE.

See what’s available to support you NOW.

Ask yourself what step (toward your goal) can you take NOW?

As my wise friend, Pamelah Landers, once said…

All you can do is take the next step.
You only have the resources for the NEXT step.

By focusing on NOW, you just might discover you have much to enjoy and be grateful for HERE. All of which adds to an experience of abundance and well-being.

“Are we there yet?”

Yes, my friend… we are.

Happy New Year!


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