I’ve always loved the Christmas season.  The carols.  The lights.  The movies.  The presents.  Gathering with family and friends.  I love it all.

But the thing I most love is what the Christian spiritual tradition celebrates at Christmas.  And what it reminds us about who we are and the abundant life we were created to live.  Which is what has prompted me to write this now. 

Even if you’re not Christian, what I’m about to say is important – so please stick with me.

Christmas shatters one of the most powerful beliefs upon which the Archetype of Scarcity operates.   Specifically, it destroys the idea that the spiritual and physical worlds are separate.  That God is “up there” or “in heaven” and we are “down here” – separated from God.  

Christmas matters to all of us because what is celebrates is the exact OPPOSITE.  Christmas is a celebration of INCARNATION.  Through the Mystery that is Jesus, the illusion of separation between the spiritual and physical worlds evaporates.  Christians celebrate “Emmanuel” – which means “God with us”.  

Which is why Christmas matters so much – to Christians and non-Christians alike.  Because the  mystery of incarnation does not apply to Jesus alone, but to ALL of Creation – including US.

In and through the life of Jesus we are reminded that we, too, are incarnations of God.  That the Divine Spirit lives within us.  That the Divine Spirit wants to live in and express through us as the unique human beings we are.   That we, too, are “Emmanuel” – God with us and in us. 

Unfortunately, this message is often forgotten.  The dominant understanding in Christianity for why Jesus came to earth was to save us from our sins.  

The problem with this is that it promotes a belief that something is inherently wrong with us.  (Another core belief in the Archetype of Scarcity.)  

Forgotten is the Truth proclaimed from the beginning.   As it says in Genesis 1, the God who created this Universe declared ALL that He/She created to be GOOD – and human beings to be VERY GOOD.

Instead of original sin, this is a message of original goodness.  Instead of original scarcity, this is a story of original abundance.

And abundance is the reason Jesus came into the world.  He said nothing about saving us from our sins. Rather, he declared “I came that you might have LIFE – and have it abundantly.”   Jesus’ message of LIFE was for everyone.  Not only when we die – but right now.  Right here – on earth.

Consider that basic Christian theology teaches that God is EVERYWHERE.  This means there is no place that God is not.   That EVERYTHING is in God and God is in everything.

Which automatically includes YOU, my friend.  It includes me.   It includes each and every human being on this planet.  

Those conscious and subconscious beliefs you have that you’re not worthy?  That you don’t matter?  That something is wrong with you?  That you’re not enough?

Shattered.  Not only are they fundamentally untrue – they are completely impossible.

I believe that the real CELEBRATION at Christmas is that Jesus came to earth to remind us of THIS truth – the truth of who we are and whose we are.  Of the Spirit of the Divine that lives within us and around us that never dies.  

This is what I celebrate at Christmas.  And it’s what I invite you to celebrate as well – whether you consider yourself a Christian or not.   Not just at Christmas but all year long.

God WITH us.  God IN us. 

God with YOU.  God in YOU, my friend.